November 25, 2015 The Unbiased Writer

BMW-concept-compact-sedan-2BMW unveiled a contemporary four door sedan for the compact segment at Auto Guangzhou 2015 show in China. The German automotive group’s ‘concept compact sedan’ was inspired by the lifestyle of the youth generation in China. The agile exterior of the BMW ‘concept compact sedan’ is based around a three box design. The cockpit was made for the driver, with all the controls geared towards the person behind the wheel and their needs. Equipped with a head-up display which projects all the relevant information into the driver’s direct field of view, wood and brushed aluminum materials highlight the interior. ‘The characterful design of the BMW concept compact sedan embodies the driving pleasure offered by a sporting car with minimized exterior dimensions. It is as distinctive as it is essential – and, as such, it injects new life into the compact segment. This four-door sedan stands for everything that sets BMW apart.’ – Karim HabibBMW-concept-compact-sedan-1 BMW-concept-compact-sedan-3 BMW-concept-compact-sedan-5


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