October 27, 2014 The Unbiased Writer


Hello Brooklyn! A new transportation alternative for people looking to get from local point A to local point B launched in the New York borough that involves easy-to-park Smart cars. Car2Go, a car rental service that originally launched in Austin years ago, began operating in Brooklyn over the weekend. How it works: 400 of the Smart cars will be spread throughout Brooklyn, up to Greenpoint and down to Coney Island. Drivers can rent two-seater cars by using Car2Go’s app to locate the nearest vehicle. When you flash your membership card over a reader on the car’s windshield, you can access the vehicle. Unlike it’s rival ZipCar which requires an annual membership fee, Car2Go charges a one-time $35 signup fee, with rental rates starting at 41 cents a minute. You can also rent hourly ($15/hour), or drive for a day for $85. Useful for grocery store runs, or simply getting home when your local subway stop is down, check out the video below:

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