November 9, 2011 The Unbiased Writer
Nissan’s ‘pivo 3,’ a zero-emission urban electric vehicle, will be one of three concept cars Nissan plans to present at the Tokyo Motor Show December 3rd through 11th. Just under 9.8 ft in length, the ‘pivo 3‘ features a 3-seat chassis, where the driver is seated centrally in front, with two passenger seats in the rear. The central driving position not only enhances visibility,  it allows for internal monitors to replace traditional side mirrors.  Also, the center of the dashboard has a ‘robotic agent’ that acts as personal assistant to a driver, utilizing cloud computing and technological infrastructure to display relevant information on a wide display screen. Cool Fact: the ‘pivo 3‘ has a ‘automated valet parking’ feature that allows the vehicle to locate a parking space, and park. You can even call the car with your smartphone to pick you up! Designed for the demands of city streets, check out more images of ‘Nissan’s ‘pivo 3’ below. Let us know what you think?


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