January 3, 2018 The Unbiased Writer

Big news! Music streaming giant Spotify has officially filed its IPO paperwork with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The timing of the SEC filing suggest that a public offering is likely in the first quarter of 2018, allowing you the opportunity to purchase your very own piece of the nearly ten-year-old Swede-founded music platform. As of recent, Spotify’s valuation has increased from $16 to $19 billion USD. However, yesterday news surfaced that Spotify is being sued for $1.6 billion for copyright infringement. It’s unclear how the suit will affect Spotify‘s IPO, but it adds a new risk factor that has some investors scared after seeing what happen with Snapchat recently. It is also important to note that Spotify is pursuing a direct listing instead of a traditional float, which could drastically change how some some tech companies go public in the future. Stay tuned!


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