June 14, 2010 The Unbiased Writer

When Apple introduced its newest device, the iPhone 4, on June 7, 2010, almost three years after it first revolutionized the smart phone industry with the first iPhone, the biggest changes came in the form of subtle tweaking to some of the phone’s most desirable and marketable features.  While the changes may seem minute to the average consumer, Apple is still expecting the usual line-around-the-block of customers waiting their turn to be amongst the first to possess the über-hyped new Apple instrument, whose official drop date is June 24 in the US and four other countries.

The most obvious of the new features the iPhone 4 offers is the front-facing camera, allowing its user to implement video calling.  Although new to Apple, Nokia has offered the feature since 2007, but the new camera placement and video-calling feature, in Apple’s signature tradition, “is drop-dead simple to use,” says IT analyst Van Baker. Along with video-calling capabilities, the new iPhone will have a much crisper display, due to the 326 mega-pixels per square inch, although anything greater than 300-mp/sq. inch is indistinguishable to the human eye, a very calculated step in Apple’s quest to capitalize on the tech-savvy market as well as garner leverage for their product when it comes time to negotiate with other carriers.  The new placement of the camera did not deter Apple from keeping its long-standing five-mega pixel camera, even as other smart phones opt for upwards of 10 and 12 mega pixels. This is because Apple increased the size of its camera sensor in the new phones which, Baker adds, “will do more for picture quality than adding mega pixels.”  This is arguably another genius move on Apple’s part.  And to quell all the iPhone users with cracked screens, the new iPhone will boast a sturdier glass casing, which is 30 times stronger than a normal plastic case.  The last prominent new feature of iPhone 4 is its updated software to include iMovie, an HD video editing capability; this of course continues Apple’s eagerness to please the creative consumer.

As Apple continues to innovate in stunning ways, the market will be the ultimate judge, and by the looks of it, the market loves their iPhones; Apple has already sold more than 8.5 million to date in 2010 alone, you be the judge when the new one drops in two weeks.  I’m just wondering if Beyonce new about the new features when she sang “So press record, I’ll let you film me on your video phone, make a cameo, if you want me you can watch me on your video phone…” What do you think?

Written by: Ayesha Khan


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