March 10, 2015 The Unbiased Writer

gettIn efforts to compete with Uber’s UberX service, Gett, an international Uber competitor is making a huge push in NYC. Earlier today, the company announced that they are reducing fixed and predictable pricing by up to 25 percent. In addition to cutting prices and guaranteeing a flat $10 fare in Midtown, Gett is also promising a more reliable system of dealing with supply and demand. Unlike Uber’s Surge pricing structure which multiplies the fare based on a random algorithm, Gett users are charged an additional $10 flat during peak times. In a region where marketshare against Uber is hard to come by, Gett is aiming to compete by cut prices and put thousands of cars on the road. Gett currently operates internationally in cities like London, Moscow and Tel Aviv, with New York being its first market in the United States. Keep an eye out Gett, and for more information click here.


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