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Now that General Motors has escaped bankruptcy by allowing the US government to become its biggest shareholder, the company may finally be able to make a financial turn around.  As a result of their partnership with Reva Electric Car Company, they recently announced plans to create a small and affordable electric car for India.  Reva, which is based in Bangalore, India, is responsible for G-Wiz, the most popular electric car brand in the United Kingdom. Production on the new GM/Reva models designed for India will likely begin next year. 

 Though Reva sold its first electric car in India back in 2001, the partnership with GM will likely ensure the sales of large numbers of the new model.  For one, Karl Slym, the president of GM’s India branch, has already stated that the company will be working closely with the government of India to implement an infrastructure of charging stations.  In addition, the announcement for the model design coincidentally occurred the day after Ford went public with their plans to introduce the Ford Figo in India as a portion of a its $500m investment plan there. 

GM will be competing with Ford in the small car sector of India’s economy, which makes up a startling 70% of the new vehicle market.  With so much incentive and the opportunity to become less reliant on sales within the US, it is difficult to see GM’s project failing.  Yet the question that remains is whether or not it will be enough for the once dominant car company to reclaim its place.  What do you think?



  1. Mythoughts

    Oh ! How cute. I bet we never see these cars on the road. This is just another way for the GM Mobsters to get more money from the goverment.
    These cars have been around forever, this is nothing new.

  2. ashleyel

    The benefits to this are twofold. First of all, American car companies definitely need the business. The second is that India is a huge contributor to the carbon emissions, and this could help curtail that. I’m all for it and hope that the project is successful. Also, and Indian company gets to benefit as well… spread the wealth.

  3. ashleyel

    mythought… you do have a good point, but better late than never. Hopefully they’re not just fully exploiting.

  4. Christina

    Ok, I honestly think this is the best deal GM could have EVER gone for!!! First of all, India is one of the most populated countries in the world! Because of this, those midget cars well sell like crazy lol. I have family residing in Bombay and overheard my Dad speaking to them over the phone about the cost of these cars. $1000-2000 and car!!!! Can you believe it??? Before we know it GM’s company revenue will soar like crazy!!!

    The only disadvantage I could think of, is the hella traffic India will have to go through! I can’t imagine myself stuck in a tiny car (w/little to no room to stretch my 4.5ft long legs) in 110.999998 degree weather!

  5. S.

    This is DOpe! I am not sure If I could fit myself plus anyone or anything else in it, but I may check it out..pockets are kind of low lmao. I saw one the other day in the same color, could have been a model to show it off. Do they make other colors Unbiasedwriter?

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