October 5, 2009 The Unbiased Writer



With news that McDonald’s has tainted the hallowed ground of the Louvre, France is in uproar . McDonalds recently confirmed that its 1,142nd French franchise will open next month in the underground approach to the art museum. In the past, the French refused permission to put a McDonald’s under the Eiffel Tower. Other nations have resisted the powerful golden arches as well. Italian designer Valentino led a charge to stop McDonald’s setting up beside Rome’s Spanish Steps (though there are now two branches within 150m). In addition to McDonalds, other American franchises have been opening up in tourist hotspots all over the world.  After 580 years and 24 emperors, Beijing’s Forbidden City got its first franchise in 2000 – a Starbucks.

The shop’s sign was taken down in 2005 after complaints but it took half a million petition signatures before the franchise was removed in 2007. Still, this hasn’t kept Starbucks away from China. In 2005, Starbucks breached the Great Wall, setting up shop at the popular Badaling section.  And if you’re visiting the Great Pyramid of Egypt, don’t worry about getting hungry.  There’s a Pizza Hut on top of a KFC, and the pyramid can be seen through the restaurant’s window. What do you think?



  1. james

    love the picture!!!!!!!!! its crazy to think that you can enjoy pizza hut and look at the pyramids at the same time lol….. looks like I know where ill be eating on my next vacation to Egypt lol …NOT

  2. Sharbar1128

    I don’t think that they should allow these franchises to take away from history. Golden Arches next to the Eiffel Tower (smh). Put a nice exquisite French restaurant or pastry spot, not McDonald’s.

  3. ashleyel

    I am so against globalization! I’m not going to EGYPT to eat at Pizza Hut. Sorry! That is ridiculous and sad. Soon the world is going to be one big America. 🙁

  4. cheri

    wow ok now this is sad….. makes me sad to see the picture up top…..wat is this world coming 2??????

  5. ella

    this doesnt only ruin the scenery, it doesn’t give the full experience of the culture…I hope this doesn’t lead to a global obesity problem which is far to familiar in America

  6. S.

    This is what America is about, you do not see any other countries coming here and creating a name for themselves….Our country is greedy and self-centered! While in Milan, Italy I believe I only saw 3 Mc Donalds, which were located in the tourists spots. I enjoyed that because I was not tempted to eat only that, I tried different foods and went to many different style restaurants. Many countries do not want Mc Donalds in their countries because it is THE most unhealthiest thing there is. SMH at Pizza hut and KFC as well. Every time you eat something from one of those places take 30 minutes off of your life lol.

  7. Mythoughts

    This isn’t really that new. Some of the really popular chains like Mc Donalds are everywhere!
    China, Japan , Europe. If people want to eat this crap ……so be it.

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