August 7, 2017 The Unbiased Writer

Tech giant Apple Inc. has joined Facebook-owned social media platform Instagram. Uploading a batch of photo albums highlighting the iPhone’s camera with the accompanying hashtag #ShotoniPhone, this is an unexpected move for Apple as it has never updated its Twitter or Facebook feed. Apple bills the effort as “a look through the lens of iPhone users around the world.” Each album collection is a video slideshow of a photographer’s work with an accompanying sound clip of her or him talking about the subject matter. Apple is encouraging Instagram users to participate through the hashtag “#ShotoniPhone.” You can follow all the action below:

#ShotoniPhone by… - 1. Fabien B. @fabienbaron “These photographs are my personal mood board. This is what I see and like.” - 2. Jess R. @jessronagrooming “If I could choose only one type of dog to groom for the rest of my life what would it be? Oh my gosh. A poodle!” - 3. Josh N. @bellpayphoneproject “This is street furniture that’s been around for almost a century and it will be gone soon. Gone forever… and I’ll be telling my grandkids about this nerdy project where I took pictures of phones with a telephone.” - 4. Brock D. @brockdavis “I’ve created so many things just to make my kids laugh at breakfast time.” - 5. Olivier C. @oli_op “I am drawn to things that look mundane at first, but then become magical because you’ve changed one factor - the speed at which you see it."

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