September 28, 2009 The Unbiased Writer

tata_nano TATO NANO (photo: getty images)

The Tata Nano, which is available in India currently costs around $2,500.The immensely affordable machine however does not include air conditioning, power steering, or horn. It’s all about getting from point A to B.

VW_SciroccoVOLKSWAGEN SCIROCCO (photo:getty images)

There are no plans to bring the new version of the Volkswagen Scirocco to America, however the original version was sold in the U.S. back in the 70’s. The two-door hatchback has an angular front-end,and alow streamlined roof. This car is only available in Europe. Watch it in action


HONDA LIFE ( photo:getty images)

Only available in Japan,the Honda Life has a tall, boxy design. This light weight sedan is a best-seller in Japan. The car at the moment will only be sold in Japan. This car will run you around $15,000.  What do you think?


14 thoughts on “AUTO| CARS YOU CAN’T DRIVE IN THE U.S.

  1. dmoney

    I have to get one of these….thats crazy that the first car only cost 2300…ummm its a recession…I need to get one of those lolllll

  2. ashleyel

    fuel efficient cars are great and we ALL need to be in them, but some of these tiny cars just wouldn’t be safe in America where the SUV still dominates the road. 🙁 maybe soon !

  3. iseechange

    i agree with you …the cars are cool but I don’t think they would survive in America where the SUVs rule

  4. Mythoughts

    The driver of the NANO only has to worry about hitting a camel. Can you imagine being in this car and having an accident with a mid-size car or truck, SUV or any other monster car we have on the road here.

  5. S.

    I love the idea of having affordable cars that are also helping our environment, but there is a reason why we can not have these here….THE BIG AMERICAN EGO! While working in Italy I saw cars that could fit in my bathtub all over the place. Here in the states we have cars that can fit about half of a sports team comfortably. In the future I think this could work, but as of now too bad.

  6. ella

    ehhh can we get the crash test ratings on these?? i could easily see these cars underneath an Yukon XL the way Americans drive!

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