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Looking for some cool artwork to add to your bachelor pad? We recently discovered, the first online platform solely dedicated to selling and producing art on skateboards. Ranging from fine art to photography,  TheSK8room offers art enthusiasts and collectors thousands of decks that feature the artwork from the likes of Jeff Koons, Ryan McGinness, Banksy, Kaws, and more! Based on the idea that art should be accessible to all, TheSK8room promotes the idea that enables you to have the work of a contemporary artist at home without having to break the bank. Without further delay, check out some of Unbiased Writer’s favorite skateboards below: (via


Superman by George Condo $1,300

American contemporary visual artist George Condo has been a prominent figure of the American art scene for decades. The artist was instrumental in the revival of painting in the eighties. Condo has also created and designed album covers for numerous musicians. Most notably, in 2010 Condo collaborated with Kanye West and created a series of paintings for his album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.’



Spin Yellow by Damien Hirst $2,400

Damien Hirst is the leading figure of the YBA (Young British Artists), who dominated the art scene in the UK during the 1990s. Famous for his series of artwork where animals were encased into formaldehyde, his work strongly helped promote British Art worldwide. Internationally renowned, Hirst is  the richest British contemporary artist to date. The limited edition Damien Hirst skateboard uses one of the artist most iconic images.



Black by KAWS $4,743

KAWS is a New York-based graffiti artist and designer of limited edition toys and clothing. Over the years the artist has collaborated intensively with commercial brands ranging from sneakers to snowboards. KAWS has successfully blurred the line between fine art and mass-produced merchandise from L.A. to Tokyo. The black skateboard from KAWS is hand signed and limited to only 500 in the world.


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