June 13, 2011 The Unbiased Writer


Slightly set back from Paris’s Place de la Bastille,the Biscornet lies where the rue de Lyon and the road running along the canal basin meet. Built by BP Architectures, the elegant Parisian design makes the very best use of the trapezoid shape of the plot. All together there are only fifteen flats in the building, each behind glass Venetian blinds that form a abstract vertical screen. Running the entire height of the building, random angles in the slits in the screen capture fragmented reflections of the historic Place de la Bastille. The building is highly responsive to changes in the light because of the metallic character in the materials used in the structure. The aluminium façades can turn from mustard yellow to gold within seconds. Check out images of the Biscornet, and as always, let us know what you think?  Follow us on Twitter @unbiasedwriter


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