July 24, 2017 The Unbiased Writer

The owners of this Amagansett property and their family have a passion for being on the water. Their interests (wind surfing, kite boarding, and sailing) share a common thread of dependence on the wind. In researching weather information on the location, Bates Masi Architects discovered that the predominant origin of the wind was from the west. This created an excellent opportunity to utilize the wind as a primary driver for organizing space and to treat the architecture as a canvas indicating its conditions. Lavender, mint and other aromatic plants were introduced to the windward side of the property. As it traverses through the site, the wind picks up scents along the way and carries them into the spaces. Primarily constructed from glass and wood, this unique modern contemporary home is centered around an infinity pool. Built with floor to ceiling glass, the property takes full advantage of the surrounding views. Take a closer look below:


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