November 11, 2016 The Unbiased Writer

kaws-nikeTo kick off the New York Made campaign, Nike unveiled their recent collaboration with Brooklyn-based artist KAWS. Using the Stanton Street Courts in Manhattan’s Lower East Side as his canvas, KAWS designed colorful graphics for two side by side full basketball courts. KAWS  explains – ‘I always think about when I was young and the things I had interaction with, whether it was skateboard graphics or magazines, and how art reached me. I’ve been conscious of how my work disseminates and reaches people. It could be a canvas in a museum…or it could be a court, a wall or a t-shirt. I like the idea of public art because it reaches people in a casual way, and when they aren’t necessarily looking for it. My approach to the courts was very similar to how I would work on canvas. I wanted to create something that was true to my language, but also considerate of this being a court that people are playing on. I wanted to find the sweet spot where it works visually and functionally – how its broken up by the game’s lines and works with my images. It will have an intimate effect on the players that use the court.’kaws-nike5 kaws-nike4 kaws-nike2 kaws-nike1


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