October 19, 2016 The Unbiased Writer

george-condo-confrontationGeorge Condo’s forthcoming exhibition ‘Confrontation‘ will be housed at Berlin’s Museum Berggruen. For the first time, the museum will showcase contemporary art with pieces spanning from Condo’s work from the ’80s to present day. The exhibition was given the name because it places Condo’s art alongside classical modern art legends such as Cézanne, Picasso, Matisse and Klee. The show will also mark the first time that many of the pieces have been shown in public. When asked, Condo said, “It’s not simply to have a confrontation with other artists, it’s about the idea that I make my work in a confrontation with myself and I’m confronting my demons, my depressions, my happiness, my existence. I’m confronting this as an artist and I want to get the most out of who I am. I only can do this by confrontation.” george-condo-confrontation3 george-condo-confrontation2 george-condo-confrontation1The exhibition launches on November 19th at Museum Berggruen in Berlin.


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