April 10, 2014 The Unbiased Writer


Located in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Alabama, Dauphin Island is known for experiencing catastrophic hurricanes that often wash away much of the coastline. Each year, residents must rebuild their homes which caused artist Dionisio González to become fascinated by this society’s ability to endure creation and destruction. Dionisio used his interest in architecture to help him design surreal structures to help the island’s residents fight the inevitable reality of the environment. Dubbed the ‘Dauphin Island‘ series, Dionisio created unreal  futuristic forts made from iron and concrete that demonstrate how the collision of chaos and beauty is a precious site for artist creativity. From a space ship to a hybrid of a beach house, check out the images below:dionisio-gonzalez- 3 dionisio-gonzalez- 2 dionisio-gonzalez- 1

Like what you see? You can check out more of Dionisio González work by clicking here. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section!


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