November 13, 2014 The Unbiased Writer

damien-hirst-black-scalpel-cityscapes-surgical-toolsAcclaimed contemporary British artist Damien Hirst latest collection of paintings is on exhibition at White Cube Gallery in São Paolo. Described by Hirst as ‘portraits of living cities,’ the ‘Black Scalpel Cityscapes’ is comprised of surgical instruments arranged in compositions of a bird’s-eye map view. Using scalpels, razor blades, hooks, iron filings and safety-pins, Hirst meticulously placed the items against black backgrounds to create the pieces. Comprised of 17 cities including Washington D.C., Rome, Beijing; Moscow, New York, and London, check out images below: damien-hirst-black-scalpel-cityscapes-surgical-tools1 damien-hirst-black-scalpel-cityscapes-surgical-tools2 damien-hirst-black-scalpel-cityscapes-surgical-tools3 damien-hirst-black-scalpel-cityscapes-surgical-tools4 damien-hirst-black-scalpel-cityscapes-surgical-tools5 damien-hirst-black-scalpel-cityscapes-surgical-tools6

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