February 6, 2015 The Unbiased Writer


Located on the tree lined coast of Oregon, this dramatic transparent beachfront home opens up to the surrounding natural environment. Using a minimal structure consisting of glass and steel, the two-story transparent box is accessible via a catwalk and oversized glass pivot door. The upper level of the residence contains the main living spaces which include the living room, kitchen, and dining room. From the beach, the entire height of the house is exposed, with a family and two bedrooms that open directly to the patio and allow for beach access.bo_050215_031-800x535 bo_050215_051-800x667

Built with a sophisticated ‘home brain,’ the owners can remotely control all aspects of the house via a smart-device. Mechanized curtains can be lowered throughout the house as needed to allow for privacy or to control light levels. Check out the images of the  transparent beach house below: bo_050215_081-800x1196 bo_050215_091-800x526 bo_050215_101-800x535 bo_050215_121-800x531 bo_050215_141-800x533 bo_050215_161-800x1193 bo_050215_171-800x531 bo_050215_191-800x1200


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