July 25, 2012 The Unbiased Writer

Last month, the ‘Solar Impulse‘ became the first solar powered airplane to complete an intercontinental flight. Flying from Madrid, Spain to Rabat, Morocco, the airplane broke the record flying over 500 miles each leg. Yesterday, the ‘Solar Impulse HB SIA‘ airplane broke the world record for the farthest distance ever traveled on a solar-powered aircraft. Powered solely by energy gathered from 11,628 photovoltaic panels on the aircraft, the ‘Solar Impulse HB SIA‘ traveled 3,700 miles. Interesting Fact: regardless of the weather, the photovoltaic panels harvest energy produced from the daylight where they are then stored using 400 kilograms worth of lithium batteries. Check out images of the airplane below along with video action. Be sure to let us know what you think!


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