October 11, 2016 The Unbiased Writer

bmw-r65-deluxSicily-based Delux Motorcycles is a motorbike workshop ran by two Italian friends who love expressing originality through customized one-of-a-kind bikes. Their latest project started life as a 1983 BMW ‘R65′ with 45,000 kms on the speedometer. ‘We found it in an old barn, covered with tons of dust and rust. Originally owned by a farmer, they could only but assume that it was previously used on the farm for riding through fields or herding cattle,’ says Delux Motorcycles. The vision was to approach the build in a similar fashion to a ‘Mad Max’ vehicle, ‘reborn of everything.’ bmw-r65-delux-1All of the bike’s electronics and instrumentation have been removed to make it even more streamlined and bicycle-looking. A makeshift box attached to the rear of the engine houses anything too large be concealed. Complete with a saddle from well-known Italian bicycle brand and creator of vintage saddles Bernardi, check out the customize bike below: bmw-r65-delux-8 bmw-r65-delux-7 bmw-r65-delux-4 bmw-r65-delux-2


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