April 1, 2017 The Unbiased Writer

Bell Helicopter revealed its vision for the future of rotary-wing aircrafts with the ‘FCX 001.′ The company’s first concept helicopter is said to present a roadmap for taking safer, smarter and more efficient flights. Crafted from sustainable materials, this helicopter comes with a hybrid power system and morphing rotor blades that can change to suit different flight conditions. Built with an artificial intelligence co-pilot, the ‘FCX 001′ concept addresses the evolving demands of flyers with technologies that revolutionize the experience. ‘For the past 80 years, Bell Helicopter has imagined the art of the possible and brought those dreams to life,’ comments president and CEO Mitch Snyder. ‘Being a pioneer in the aircraft industry is in our DNA and we want to share this renewed passion with the world. The ‘FCX 001’ points the way for our future – a renewed focus on innovative solutions and technologies. When the time is right we look forward to sharing more of what we’re doing behind closed doors.’


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