September 30, 2009 The Unbiased Writer



 The 57-year-old Brazilian-born architect Marcio Kogan is well known for his award winning residential masterpieces. In his recent project, The Paraty House, he exemplifies his elegant, minimalist, beautiful and clean style. Kogan stated that he drew inspiration from greats such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Ingmar Bergman, and Andy Warhol for his latest residential project. The Paraty House is located on one of the hundreds of islands near the colonial town of Paraty, close to Rio de Janerio. The true elegance of his project comes from the seamless link between outside and indoors. His use of native wood, stones and vegetation helped make the house appear as if it was apart of the natural landscape. What do you think?


(view from living room)

brazil arch

(ocean view of backside of house)



  1. ashleyel

    In a word… exquisite! I can’t wait to visit Brazil someday. You can definitely see the references to Warhol, Bergman, and Wright (all amazing). If I lived there, life would be complete. 🙂

  2. ella

    AMAZING!! theme song for this: ugly duckling-rio de janerio for all the underground listeners out there..oldie but goody

  3. Rita

    I love the contemporary modern design. I agree with you! I was thinking “very clean” too. Totally embodies a Brazilian feel– from what I remember when I went to Rio and particularly Ipanema Beach. Nice!

  4. S.

    To Omissions: You couldn’t have said it better! ROTFL [insider. It does have a Wright feel to it, seems as if someone was on google lol. I enjoy the contrast between the trees, house, and sand.

    It will seen be called my “Party House”! I’m buying it!

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