March 17, 2014 The Unbiased Writer


Belzberg Architects recently finished the ‘Kona Residence’ built on cooled lava flow on the volcanic island of Hawaii. The ‘Kona Residence’ is organized around placement of spaces and features an elongated gallery hall that separates the western side with views to the ocean, from the eastern half facing the volcanic peaks. The common areas, master suite, media room, bedrooms, kitchen and main living space can be accessed off the hallway. Cool News: the ‘Kona Residence‘ offsets the energy requirements of the structure and is self sufficient with its roof-mounted solar arrays and rain water collection systems. Check out the images below:

kona-residence-2 kona-residence-1 kona-residence-5 kona-residence-4 kona-residence-3 kona-residence-6

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