April 24, 2014 The Unbiased Writer


Designed by GGLL Atelier , the Alcoutins House is a elegant modern home  situated at the northern limit of Lisbon. The home was built for a family of four and is split in two volumes to provide functionality and distinction. ‘We split the house into two distinct volumes,” said the architect. ‘The base is where the least common areas of the house are found and it has a more solid nature, kind of working like a pedestal. The upper volume of the house is where the more normal spaces are found and is white to show the clean lines.’ Equipped with game rooms, a wine cellar, cinema room, private swimming pool, and rooftop terrace, check out images below:alcoutins-house-7 alcoutins-house-6 alcoutins-house-5 alcoutins-house-4 alcoutins-house-3 alcoutins-house-2 alcoutins-house-1

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