Unbiased Writer is not one person.  It is not the words of self-indulgent writers.  It is not a space for gossip, hearsay, or idle talk.  It is not another contrivance of capitalism. Unbiased Writer is a reflection of the world around us.  It is the expression of our thoughts, our concerns, and our ideas.  It is the culmination of voices that speak for this generation. Unbiased Writer is me. Unbiased Writer is YOU. We present the facts, you make the conclusion.

Oren Wilkes- Creator & Editor

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Oren Wilkes is a graduate of USC’s School of Public Policy and Development.Traveling around the world mixed with his life experiences created a desire within him to build a bridge between quality journalism and the Web – a space of infinite possibilities. Through his publication he hopes to provide his readers with relevant stories across the spectrum of topics that concern our global generation.